The "Stratford"
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The “Stratford” crokinole boards are our most requested items worldwide. During the past 15 years we have placed this board in the hands of countless thousands of devoted players in more than 40 countries. Manufactured by one of our best craftsman, this economical board is all-wood construction, with superb joinery and a well-finished, fast playing surface. This ‘best-value-for-the-money’ board comes complete with a set of solid, Canadian, hard-maple discs (+ a few extras), crokinole rules, and basic care instructions. We are certain you will find this model to be a durable product that will bring joy for generations.

The "Stratford" Series of Family Crokinole Boards

We patterned this line of crokinole boards after the famous Bentley Sporting Goods Company model produced in Niagara Falls during the period 1946 to 1958. Bentley began manufacturing cricket bats, tennis rackets and lawn games in England in 1786. Moving to Ontario in 1906, the company introduced millions of North Americans to a wide variety of wonderfully designed parlour games and leisure equipment until their demise in 1979.

The "Stratford" (Oak Trim) CB-30-MP
(pictured below) Simply our most popular family crokinole game board! An extremely well-made, solid 27½" board with a 23½" maple, veneer playing surface. Deck and base made from 7/8" pine. Solid red oak side rails. A very fast, all-wood game with, black latex-clad screw posts. Produced exclusively for Mr. Crokinole™. Comes with a set of 13+13 30mm. discs & rules. $189.95

PLEASE NOTE: Most of our crokinole boards and accessories are individually made to our specifications by our group of preferred ‘cottage industry’ craftsmen. While this process generally assures carefully hand-crafted items, it also means that supply is limited. We accept and fill hundreds of crokinole board orders each month. As enjoyment and popularity of crokinole grows exponentially each year, sourcing high-quality, well-made boards continues to present a challenge. Please plan ahead for your needs to avoid disappointing delays.

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