The "Eagle" Tournament

The “Eagle” CB-100B. Our # 1, most requested, tournament crokinole board. This model was designed ten years ago by Wayne Kelly (Mr. Crokinole™) for use in the World Crokinole Championship™. The dimensions and specifications of the “Eagle” tournament series boards have become the international standard used in crokinole competitions around the world.

Critical acclaim from some of the world’s top crokinole contenders has made this item the “tournament board of choice.” Each board is carefully hand-crafted to order. The “Eagle” features a 26" Canadian maple playing surface with composite material deck and double-laminated rim. Overall diameter 30¼”. Brass screw posts clad with black, surgical, latex rubber and a playing surface finished with seven coats of catalyzed lacquer, plus 3 specialized wax applications, make this model extremely ‘fast’ and currently the most-requested tournament board in the world. Comes with a set of 14 + 14 D1-BT “Champion” hard maple, 32mm discs, rules, a velour, draw-string, disc storage bag, and basic care and maintenance instructions. CB-100B, $ 319.95

Top competitor and three-time, first-place winner at the annual World Crokinole Championship™, Joe Fulop offers the following unsolicited comments about the Mr. Crokinole™ CB-100B tournament board.
“The playing surface is exceptionally smooth, making this board faster than any I have every played on. The [latex-clad] pegs are fantastic with lots of rebound to them; great for trick shots. And I like the ‘sound’ of this board. It just sounds professional and impresses me. Yup, this board is a winner! I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking to obtain a great-quality competition board.”

Deluxe CARRYING CASES are now available for this model. For details please see the separate product entry.

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