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Items available as of: SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

Please see Condition Legend, accessory notes, and terms & conditions of sale at the bottom of this listing.

Stock Clearance & Discontinued Boards

REVISED LIST of many more vintage & antique items will begin appearing in early OCTOBET.

“Seconds” & “Imperfect” Boards

CB-115 All wood, octagonal crokinole with checker board on reverse side. Made in Canada. Slight to moderate imperfections (‘sif’). Reg. to $179.95; clearance: $ 95-125.00. 40 available. (our bulk purchase from a small company that ceased operation) [CB-115]

CB-32 Our “Tavistock” model, round, 7/8th tournament size. Discontinued. Significant visual playing surface defect, but good playable condition. Reg. $ 199.95; clearance: $ 119.00 [CB-32]

Antique & Vintage Boards

Munro Games Ltd. (Burlington, ON), model # 871, 1964. Square combination game board; excellent. $ 115.00 [MU-206]

Carrom Company Model # 85A, c.1962, square combination crokinole/carrom. Near mint condition. $ 140.00 [CC-128]

T. Eaton's Company (Toronto, ON), c.1916, round crokinole with tournament-size playing surface. Very good condition. $ 275.00 [EA-126]

A. E. Hourd Company (London, ON), round crokinole, 1896, rare, excellent conditon. $ 325.00 [HD-158]

Cana-Craft Company (Woodstock, ON) Square combination crokinole/carrom. c. 1948; Near mint condition. $ 225.00 [CN-112]

Bentley Sporting Goods Ltd. (Niagara Falls, ON), Model # MA-4, 1953. Octagonal crokinole board, near mint condition. $225.00 [BE-161]

Brantford Novelties Company (Brantford, ON) Square crokinole board, c.1926. Ver good playing condition. $ 195.00 [BN-204]

Avon Mfg. Company (Stratford, ON), Octagonal crokinole board, very good playing condition. RARE. $ 350.00 [AV-107]

A. E. Hourd Comapny (London, ON), square carrom board, c.1894-95. Excellent condition. Vary RARE. $ 350.00 [HD-152]

H. Clubine Company (Brantford, ON), octagonal crokinole board, very good condition $ 225.00 [CL-143]

Munro Games Company. (Burlington, ON), square crokinole/combination board, c.1968. Model #872. Excellent. $ 115.00 [MU-202]

Condition Legend:
dcl = new board, discontinued or clearance item
sif = a manufacturer’s second, imperfections or flaws
exc = excellent condition
gpc = good playable condition
nsw = needs some work to make playable
anv = antique/vintage, more an ‘art’ item than playable

An identification code # with two letters and two or three numbers (e.g. EA-123) will appear with each entry. Please use that number with all requests or inquiries. An image of the board(s) that appeal to you will be sent upon request. All crokinole boards will be shipped with a complete set of 24 Canadian, hard maple discs (+ 2 spare discs), set of crokinole rules and basic care instructions. This listing of clearance items will be revised on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Please Note: All transactions for the above game boards are considered as ‘final sales.’ No returns, exchanges or refunds apply to the sale of these clearance items.

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