Mr. Crokinole™ has recently acquired a large inventory of stock obtained from a company that has changed direction. All wood, octagonal, crokinole game boards at bargain prices are now available. With a 23-5/8” (60cm) Baltic birch, playing surface and an overall diameter of 28-5/8” (72.7cm), each board features scoring numbers on the playing surface, ‘fast return’ black latex, rubber-clad posts, solid black walnut or white ash ¾” (1.9cm) side rails, a 12¼” square (31cm) checker board on the reverse side, set of 24 Canadian, hard maple discs (+ 2 spares), game rules and board maintenance instructions. Shipped in North America only by ‘deferred’ 3-4-day ‘ground’ courier service, or more reasonable ‘surface’ postal service. Double box and foam insert packaging with insurance. Most boards have slight imperfections ranging from shop dirt to side rail scratches, minor playing surface blemishes or slightly smudged, silk-screen imprint lines. Any such imperfections will be disclosed per item. As of September 15, 2014 35+ units left.
Regular pricing to $179.00. Now $95-125.00 (depending on imperfection) + shipping. All sales final. No refunds or exchange on clearance items. Save second shipping fee by ordering 2 or more. CB-115-W (walnut side rails) CB-116-A (ash side rails)

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